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Results 2014

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The online search will be available on Monday 17 November. Read more about the World Champion Cheese, Bath Blue.

How to enter

Make sure you receive details on how to enter World Cheese in 2015.  Contact Charlie Westcar.

Cost of entry 2014
Cheese makers in the UK: £30 (plus VAT) per cheese
Cheese makers in Europe and Rest of the World: £45

Downloads 2014 for information
ALL ENTRANTS – please download the following document |  Por favor, lea este importante documento | S‘il vous plaît lire cet important document | Leggete questo importante documento:

Entry cost & delivery instructions for your cheese all languages

Entry information 2014 for information
UK entry form | SCA entry form | UK Entry Brochure | UK classes | Guide to online entry

Spanish entry brochureSpanish classes | Cómo entrar en línea

French entry brochureFrench classes | Comment entrer en ligne

Italian entry brochureItalian classes Come entrare in linea




How the competition works

Close to 2600 entries were staged in a massive 1000m2 area within the main BBC Good Food Show London with judging taking place on the opening day, November 14, in front of a live consumer audience. Our 250 experts from around the world worked in teams of four, identifying medal-winning cheeses through the morning. Each team awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze or ‘no award’ to each cheese on its own merits. At the end of the morning’s session we asked each team to select their favourite cheese – the Super Gold.  Those 62 Super Golds were judged again by another jury after lunch and they whittled it down to just 16 cheeses. Our final panel, representing the four corners of the globe, will then decided the World Champion 2014 in front of a packed consumer and trade audience. Read more.

What's happening at this year's show

BBC Good Food LondonWe continue to partner with the powerful consumer platform that is BBC Good Food Show but we are moving to London.

Held at Olympia it promises to be the UK’s biggest and most cosmopolitan cheese festival, with almost 30,000 consumers tasting cheese after the international panel of experts have completed their judging.

Additionally, available in the World Cheese area:

  • Improved graphics within the area will explain the judging process, list past winners and educate the public with cheese facts
  • Plasma screens will explain the judging process and the importance of taking gold in the awards and will include our sponsors logos
  • We will be hosting educational tours, tasting sponsors’ cheeses and helping consumers to understand more about the judging process


Key dates 2014


Closing date for all entries



Rest of the World: delivery to consolidation points


Europe: delivery to consolidation points


UK: delivery to consolidation points



Cheeses stages at World Cheese


Consumer tours

Consumer tours in the World Cheese Awards arena


Consumer tours in the World Cheese Awards arena

Sponsors of this years event

  • Barbers 1833
  • Grana Padano
  • Le Gruyère AOP
  • Agri Expo
  • Baetje Farms
  • Boska
  • Cremfields
  • Entremont
  • Kosi Vrsok
  • Rowcliffe
  • Sorba-Freeze-logo
  • TannyGill
  • Windyridge
  • Truckle Cheese
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