wca14logoFor over 20 years the World Cheese Awards has been bringing together buyers and sellers from the dairy industry worldwide. It’s the largest cheese competition on the planet, attracting over 2,700 entries in 2013 from 34 countries and it was judged by over 250 experts from every corner of the globe. It takes an entire day to judge, with a trade lunch thrown in, making this a place to do real business too. Find out more about sponsoring the event here.

What’s happening in 2014

The 2014 Awards has a new home.  We continue to partner with the powerful consumer platform that is BBC Good Food Show but we are moving to London.  Between 14-16 November almost 3000 cheeses will form part of our World Cheese feature which will sit alongside super theatres with celebrity chefs, a wine event and hundreds of food producers. It promises to be the UK’s biggest and most cosmopolitan cheese festival, with almost 30,000 consumers tasting cheese after the international panel of experts have completed their judging. How the competition works The anticipated 3,000 cheese entries will be staged in a massive1000m2 area within the main BBC Good Food show and judging will take place on the opening day, November 14, in front of a live consumer audience. Our 220 experts from around the world will work in teams of four, identifying medal-winning cheeses through the morning. Each gold-winning cheese will then be judged a second time by a different jury and by the time the judges disappear for a well-earned lunch, we will know the top 50 cheeses in the world – the Super Golds. After lunch a Supreme Jury of 12 experts, representing 11 different countries, will assemble in front of a packed consumer and trade audience to judge the Super Golds for a third time and choose the World Champion 2014. Highlights for 2014

  • Improved graphics within the area will explain the judging process, list past winners and educate the public with cheese facts
  • Plasma screens will explain the judging process and the importance of taking gold in the awards and will include our sponsors logos
  • Cheese experts, including Radio 2′s Nigel Barden will be taking small teams of consumers around the 3000 cheeses for a tutored tasting – with a drop of wine too

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